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Famous fuller figured and plus size celebrities

When given the spotlight, these body-positive celebrities not only spark open discussions on body image, health, and confidence but also serve as powerful role models for young overweight women. By leveraging their celebrity status, they provide representation and inspiration, demonstrating that beauty and worthiness come in all shapes and sizes. This visibility is crucial in challenging societal norms and empowering young women to embrace their bodies with pride and self-assurance.

Danielle Brooks

Danielle Brooks, an esteemed American actress, soared to prominence with her captivating portrayal of prison inmate Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson in the acclaimed Netflix comedy-drama series Orange Is the New Black. Her exceptional talent has earned her numerous accolades, including the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series, the Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album, and the Young Hollywood Award for Breakthrough Performance - Female, showcasing her versatility both on screen and on stage.


Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson, a renowned international movie star, has left an indelible mark on the silver screen with standout performances in hit films like Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect. Hailing from Australia, her journey to stardom began with a humble start on television, appearing as an extra on the long-running show Burke's Backyard, where one memorable episode showcased her family pets. Throughout her career, Rebel has bravely confronted issues surrounding weight and body confidence, speaking candidly about her experiences and challenging media portrayals of larger women with her outspoken advocacy.


Chrissy Metz

Christine Michelle Metz, a talented American actress and singer, rose to prominence with her unforgettable portrayal of Kate Pearson in the acclaimed television series This Is Us. Her stellar performance garnered critical acclaim, earning her nominations for a Primetime Emmy Award and two Golden Globe Awards. Beyond the small screen, Christine has showcased her acting prowess in notable films such as Sierra Burgess Is a Loser and Breakthrough.

As Kate Pearson, Christine captivated audiences with her authentic portrayal of a relatable mother of two navigating life's challenges, including her struggles with weight and body image. Off-screen, Christine has been equally candid about her own journey, openly sharing her experiences with weight loss and self-acceptance.

In her own words, Christine emphasizes that her motivation for losing weight stems from a desire for personal fulfillment and well-being, rather than external pressures. She envisions a future where she can embrace a fit and healthy body without limitations, empowering herself to break free from societal expectations and live life on her own terms.



Melissa Viviane Jefferson, known by her stage name Lizzo, is a trailblazing American rapper and singer who has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, she relocated to Houston, Texas, with her family during her formative years and later settled in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where her music career blossomed.

With an impressive array of accomplishments under her belt, including four Grammys and an Emmy, Lizzo has undeniably left her mark on the entertainment industry. Beyond her musical prowess, she has shattered stereotypes and redefined beauty standards, empowering individuals of all sizes to embrace self-love and confidence.

Notably, Lizzo's infectious charisma and unapologetic celebration of her own body positivity have earned her a dedicated following. Through her advocacy and artistry, she has sparked meaningful conversations and inspired countless fans to embrace their uniqueness and live boldly.


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