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Fashions for the fuller figured woman

So, real women are curvy. Despite what the media will try to have you believe, most women are not size 10, tall and skinny. So how do you, as a fuller figured woman make the most of your curves when the high street refuses to acknowledge you even exist?

Before you can decide what will suit your own figure you need to work out what your figure is. There are generally three different body shapes that a larger lady will have.

The hourglass figure
This is the Marilyn Monroe type figure many women dream of having with a large bust and butt with a thinner waist.

The funnel figure
Women with a  funnel figure are larger up top and slim below the waist

Pear shaped figures
Woman with a pear shape have large hips and thighs and are generally thinner up top.

Now you have decided what figure you are, here are some tips for choosing clothes to suit your figure.

The hourglass figure

The funnel figure

If you have a funnel figure you are likely to be lucky enough to have a large bust and slim legs, show these off to the max

Pear shaped figure

If you have a pear shaped figure you will have a larger rear end, hips and thighs. You should try to draw attention up to your top half.

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