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Plus size influencers

These influential plus-size personalities are utilizing the dynamic platform of social media to amplify their distinctive voices and advocate for body positivity, confidence, and the debunking of mainstream media's narrow portrayal of beauty. Through compelling content and candid narratives, they challenge societal norms, inspiring countless individuals to embrace their bodies authentically and reject harmful beauty standards. By harnessing the power of social media, they foster inclusive communities where individuals of all shapes and sizes find support, validation, and empowerment in celebrating their unique identities.

Caralyn Mirand Koch

Caralyn, a plus-size model, floral print lover, and advocate for confidence, commands a dedicated following of 394K on social media. Residing in Buffalo, New York, Caralyn wears many hats as a model, blogger, and devoted dog enthusiast, sharing glimpses of her multifaceted life with her engaged audience.


Callie Thorpe

Callie Thorpe, a Welsh lass, seasoned traveler, prolific writer, occasional model, and the vibrant host of "The Confidence Corner" podcast, commands an impressive following of over 250K on Instagram. With a diverse array of interests, Callie shares captivating insights into her adventures, DIY projects, fashion inspirations, and culinary delights, offering a multifaceted glimpse into her dynamic life.


Essie Golden

Essie Golden, an American-born fashion maven, co-founder of @thicklaces, and founder of @golden.confidence, stands as a beacon of empowerment and inclusivity in the world of fashion. As a plus-size model and tireless advocate for body positivity, Essie Golden champions the cause of self-expression and style without boundaries. Through her platforms, she shares insights into plus-size fashion, streetwear trends, and encourages women to shatter conventional fashion "rules," embracing their unique beauty and individuality with unapologetic confidence.


Latecia Thomas

Latecia Thomas is a dynamic presence online, boasting over 650K subscribers on YouTube and a staggering 1.8 million followers on Instagram. As a prolific content creator, she offers viewers a window into her vibrant world, sharing captivating travel escapades, fashion inspirations, and delectable culinary adventures. With her engaging content, Latecia invites her audience to join her on a journey of exploration, empowerment, and style.


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